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Soft Roof Washing Services in Rockville, MD

At Nice Professional Painting & Power Washing, we use the latest and greatest pressure washing equipment on the market. We understand every task at hand and will thoroughly go over and answer any questions about the soft roof washing work to be performed. Our well-informed and friendly staff are always here to help you.

We clean roofs too! We soft wash them to remove all the ugly stains and blacks streaks called Gloeocapsa Magma. It’s an algae that needs to be treated, taken care of and removed. We also clean fungus and lichens all while following the manufacturer’s direction and guides for soft washing roofs and shingles. We do it the safe way, we come and spray the roof with the recommended roof mix, and then we clean all the black streaks. Note if you have moss, we will not be able to remove it on the same day.

We will do the following:

  • We will kill the moss
  • Once dead, it will turn white
  • Then it should fall on is own

After the process, and if there are only black algae left after we finish the washing you will be left with a brand new looking roof for the best curb appeal. We guarantee our work 3 to 4 years on roofs washings.

Rely on us for all your soft roof washing needs.

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